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What is your background story for your interest in these cars?
I drove one when I was 16 -- with no drivers licence - under-aged and caught the bug... I always liked muscle cars even before that -- collected films like the Gone in 60 seconds 1974 version - vanishing Point - Cannonball etc.

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Back in 1969/1970 had a 1966 K-code coupe.  Fun car, gave it to my dad when I left for active duty with uncle sam (big mistake - but that is another story).  Coming home off active duty a few years later I spotted a 71 Mach sitting in the corner of a small dealership.  Turns out it was a demo with 5k miles on it.  Went in haggled with them a little bit, settled on a price of $2995, hung my dog tags on the rear view mirror and the rest is pretty much history.  Still have it.  Now with 40k miles on it.  Never seen winter, my grabber lime Mach shares a space in my heater garage with my 66 convertible and a 94 GT (that I also bought new - now 17K miles on it).

I started early, my first paint job was as a four year old when I repainted several of my Tonka trucks - rattle can of orange or whatever it was. Not "concours" mind you... Wink . Always had an interest in anything "vehicular", planes, trains, cars, boats. I have a brother that had a bunch of car crazy friends around 76~77. There was always some sort of whooped iron parked in our driveway. My mom had a '74 Impala 2dr coupe. my stepfather drove a '72 Olds Vista Cruiser wagon with the glass moon roofs, he bought a '70 Cutlass coupe for my siblings to share. Built countless plastic models of every type of vehicle imaginable, graduated to balsa stick and tissue around 8 or 9. The model airplane hobby still lives to this day, albeit in a somewhat "dis-harmonious" relationship with the car hobby. I used to drag home bikes and power equipment from the neighbor's trash to fix up. One push mower made me a tidy sum over the course of a summer.

As far as the 71-73s, a guy in my high school German class had a green & argent 72 Mach1. Loved the look of that car and it kind of sent me down this path. A customer on my paper route had a '72 coupe. My buddies and I used to rush to the convenience store down the street from the high school on Thursdays to get the latest copy of the Bargain News. In the mid-80's you had your pick of anything muscle related for dirt cheap. My senior year, there was a 72 Sprint coupe A-package car that sat out in front of a house on my way to school. I used to stop an look at it once a week at least. Tried to buy a tired 70 Mach as my first car, but the stepfather would have none of that.

My first car was a '73 Grandé' in '89 - 302/auto, Medium Bright Yellow with Ginger top & interior. Paid $75 for it, dropped in a $35 battery from Kmart, $5 in gas and drove it back to my college apartment. Since then I've owned probably fifty cars of various brands, at least thirty of them being 71-73 Mustangs.

I grew up in a Ford house, nothing else ever parked in the drive way. I was always a car guy and worked through high school saving for that first ride. Sept. 71 I went my savings in hand down to our local dealer, Metro Ford. It was clear out time. A mach one was definitely out of my price range, though the salesman let me drive a grabber green metalic J code for the fun of it. It came down to three finalists, all yellow/black interior. 1. Convertible, but it was at the high end of my budget, and was eliminated first. 2. Fastback, ram air, H code, relatively few options. 3. Hardtop, ram air, M code, much better optioned (Instrumentation group, console, bumper guards, racing mirrors). When one added the better back seat room for your friends and the 4barrel, this was it. Lasted 10 years before the winter salt of Ontario ate it up in one season. The picture is stopping as it turned over 50 K miles driving the Trans Canada Highway, Calgary to London, Ontario for school.

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Bookend 71 b1, scj convertible.
I was 7 years old in 71. These cars immediately caught my eye. I remember everyone complaining about how hideous they were, but I thought they were the coolest thing around. I never changed my mind and I still love them. In High school, the band at school bought one in 1982 and raffled it off to make money to send the band on a trip. I got 3 tickets, but didnt win. I always wanted one since then, and now I have one.

"I drank what?" - Socrates
I love these stories. I hope others find them interesting. Keep them coming!

Wisdom, knowledge and intelligence are three very different things.
1971 convertible, H-code, Ram Air
1971 Mach I, M-code, Ram Air
1987 Bronco II
2014 F150 Supercrew
It was 1971 I was 13 years old. My brother was chasing me and let it be known he was a little crazy. I ran from him because he would beat the #$%^ out of me. I ran across the front lawn and headed across the Avenue to escape him. As I entered the busy street a car came around the corner and it was a 71 mach 1. I never seen a more beautiful car and I was mesmerized to the point I stopped cold in middle of the street. Man what a car its still in my memory as if it was yesterday. The car ran over my toes on my right foot. didnt hurt because he was going 40 plus. I watched as the car kept going away from me. It was dark green and had a very deep grown to the exhaust. I remember the 2 hood pins as he passed by me. Believe it was a boss.
Well as fate would have it my aunt was behind/following that car and seen the whole thing happen. Of course she went and told my Mom and I got by butt paddled from Dad.
By the way the car never did stop , it continued going down the road.
I never did get a 71 but did get a 65 stang vert my senior year in High school. My wife to be had a 72 torino.
Well......... Sally and I got married had 5 kids and never really got a chance to do anything for ourselves. One year ago we purchased a white 71 mach to restore. Sally has come down with Stage 4 bone cancer (multi Myeloma) and cant really help much now. The folks in this forum help me tons to figure out stuff ........ We Thank you very much!
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