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what is wrong with people ?
last wednesday @ the local car show the city sets up small metal and wood barricade signs  to save spots for the classic cars to park .i was sitting in my chair relaxing .then a feral person (homeless) starts yelling screaming ,cussing, threatening the world. i do feel sorry for people that have problems .i know some cant help what happens to them and some can .so he stands up and starts walking towards to the cars and starts kicking the barricades (as hard as he can )  into the classic cars  caused damage  and just walked off ,still kicking and yelling , when it was all done 6 cops had had him on the ground in cuffs now i was told that he dose it all the time and will be back soon 

so he gets no help  and it will probably happen again
Not everyone can or should be saved from themselves. Who knows how many times some well intentioned person/organization has tried to help him in the past. Not everyone is a "victim". Although, it is currently very popular to take on the victim mantle. Just my opinion. Chuck
You can come at this from many angles. Only point I'm going to make is when the psychiatric system was dismantled and went from a state run disaster to a community (as in private for-profit) based sorta-run complete disaster. Instead of people rotting away in the padded rooms of an institution, we leave them to roam the streets.

I can't tell you which is better, but when you have the tragedies that occur on an almost daily basis, it makes you wonder.

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