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What is the correct ride height for our cars??
I had purchased a copy of the 1973 Mustang Chassis assembly manual from Osborne Reproductions. I was looking for the battery information but it was not in the Chassis manual. While looking I did notice that there is a section for ride height even has a chart showing variation in fuel loads. I scanned the info and is attached.
The information in the booklet is said to be copies of the original Ford assembly line training documents. Gives all the torque values, marking colors, hose colors and routing, etc. Even has reference for coatings used on all the components.
The only gripe I have is that it looks like a copy of a copy of a copy, lol. When you are looking at the vacuum hose layouts you need to take coloring pencils and mark them they are so faint in some areas.
Couple other things I notices it that the engine mounts on the 73 vert are different from coupe and fastback. They have white color code markings and none on the others. They also reference HO and CJ models in this document even though they never built them.
On the page with the Ram Air info it shows a decal on the lid D3ZF-9C811-CA.
I ordered this copy from NPD for reference when I took the Mach 1 apart. Has lots of infor if you are going to do a ground up Concourse Restore would help. Could be reference at shows if someone takes issue with how you built it.
My scanner is not large enough to do the 13 3/4" wide book in one shot so two scans each page four total Plus the cover.
There is 64 pages to the info and is specific for 73 only has all engines, transmissions and body styles and also Cougar.

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