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What I can do for 71-73 Mustangs
I can re-create the three panel gauge wiring harness from scratch for a mere $65 or refubish yours for $50.

I can also convert your underdash harness from non-tach dash to tach dash harness for $225, which includes $175 refurbishment.

I also manufacture the extra ACC fuse holder and three-prong ACC plug for the fuse box for only $20.

I also work on headlight harnesses, offering refurbishment of $100, including replacement of any grill lamp housings, etc. I've also figured out that that a non-tach underhood harness will work just fine with a tach underdash harness, so long as you do not need the center console ammeter to work. Unfortunately, the conversion of a standard underhood harness to tach/ammeter conversion is too difficult to convert correctly.

All of work behind the firewall comes with a 2 year, no questions asked guaranty. If you burn up the harness, I'll fix or replace it on my dime. Stuff forward of the firewall doesn't come with a guaranty, simply because the wiring has been exposed to the heat and elements too long for me to guaranty that the wiring inside the insulation is still good. I've rarely seen bad wiring that it had to be thrown away, however.

Finally, I need and want your used harnesses, even those you think are pure junk. I recycle many connectors and plugs and will pay you for them so that they can be transplanted into other folks harnesses...a bit of paying the hobby forward.

I hope you'll agree that my prices are reasonable and far below what you can find NOS or reproduction. I'm not doing this to make a fortune, but simply to keep busy on weekends and help out my fellow Mustangers.
do u happen to have a neutral safety switch harness and a alternator harness for a 73 mach 1 351 clevland a/t ? i could maybe trade u a underdash harness for it?
No, I don't. Sorry...but I would be willing to buy your spare underdash harness.
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