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what driveshaft?
so i have a 73 body mach 1 and a 71 351c and a 85T5. i need help figuring out what drive shaft to use. the car didnt come with one so i dont even have one to start with. can i use a fox body driveshaft? or does anyone know how the length i would need or how i can i get this info? (fyi the trans isnt in my car yet, ill be putting that in this saturday. had all the parts and everything and was ready to go last saturday till i realized i didnt have a clutch fork *sigh*Confused )
If you contacted a good driveshaft shop and told them the transmission you have and the length you need they should be able to make one for you.

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There are several "how to" sites on line. Here's an example:

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Get an aluminum driveshaft out of a Crown Vic police car. It is the same as a fox mustang shaft except it is much longer (55") and has a different yoke. I took one to a driveshaft shop and they shortened, balanced, installed new u-joints and new yoke for $185. I installed it my 66 F-100 when I installed the Tremec 3550. It works great and I couldn't be happier. Can't beat it for the money.

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awesome. im going to the junkyard on monday so i shall see if i can manage to find one from a crown vic there.
Oddly it seems that the driveshaft is something you can affordably, "max-out". If can dump 200 - 400 dollars and have everything you ever wanted in a drive shaft.
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