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What did you do to your car today?
Got my new fuel tank setup for the Tanks Inc. in-tank setup. I 3d printed a drill jig for the vent opening since my 3" hole saw melted when I tried to use it on steel. I think I accidentally hardened the steel in another project lol. I was having issues with my argon tank and ended up just welding with flux core because I won't have a chance to get a new tank until next week. It looks hideous before I cleaned it up but worked good. Man do I suck with a hammer and dolly too, took me quite a while to get to something marginally acceptable. Took me the better part of Sunday with a trip to home depot in between. All I really need to do now is have bosses welded to my intake manifold so I can bolt the fuel rails down. I am using some convoluted clamp setup that I have never liked. I'd like to also run a smaller hard line under the car because I am using -8 pushlock now and don't feel comfortable with it.

[Image: J1rJRPjl.jpg]
[Image: 0qzYx36l.jpg]
[Image: TCmVWB9l.jpg]
[Image: IvjWEiVl.jpg]
[Image: EUAKJsAl.jpg]

I'm having a really hard time finding engine mounts, I might just end up fabricating a set. I like what Jason at autoedit did (@1:28): https://youtu.be/bNnukhEMQbo?t=1m28s looks like he just welded a 1/4" steel riser to the frame side mount.
Today was the 2nd Annual Joe's Bar & Grill Car Show (the guys who used to run the GAFB Rec Camp Car Show), and I took Frank out for bit.  Didn't get a plaque, but there were over 100 REALLY NICE cars, and I'm just there to have fun and blow people's minds when they hear (and see pics) about how bad it was when I started.

Here's the obligatory poser shot:


And a little thing I like to call 'irony.'


Had a blast, but missing my pal Jim.  I'll post a link to my FB album with all the cool cars once I get the pics uploaded.

[Image: mach1sig2.gif]

See my Frankenstang Album on FB.

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