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What did you do to your car today?
Today,  one of those really cool jobs.  Original ram air hardware on the grabber blue hood....

Kcmash[Image: 20190811-201315.jpg]
I also want to add the functional ram air setup. it looks straight forward except for connecting vacuum lines or throttle-body connections to control the ram air ports...
(08-12-2019, 12:10 PM)MustangNJ Wrote: I also want to add the functional ram air setup.  it looks straight forward except for connecting vacuum lines or throttle-body connections to control the ram air ports...
That is straight forward too.  They vacuum ties to the vacuum tree behind the carb.  Vacuum line runs to tube retainers around the plenum, a T- at the RH valve then a connection at the LH valve.

There was one for sale on here I think down to $800 did not look to see what all it included. The repo is different than original as usual.

When a man is in the woods and talks and no women are there is he still wrong??
There is a guy with ram air, air cleaner and other parts on Florida space coast craigslist. I've seen it and other stuff he has all nice.
Hood is on the car!!
Started the day intending to play with different options for firming up the foam / spring supports of the driver seat.  We put new ACC foam in it when we had the seat covers replaced, but its always been too soft for me. After unwrapping and removing the foam, I found that the seat pan is in really bad shape.  Multiple cracks, and evidence of previous repairs. I understand this is a problem area for this seat, but wow, this is close to folding over.  

We all know the drill, one project begets another...looks like me and Mr.Miller 140 will be gettin' busy in prep for blast and paint.  Tongue

[Image: Seat-Pan-1.jpg]

[Image: Seat-Pan-2.jpg]

[Image: Seat-Pan-3.jpg]

I got the car back from the body shop. They got the inside sprayed for me, POR15
[Image: IMG-0077.jpg]
Today- I took a picture of the car. Just because it is starting to look like a car again.
[Image: A5732302-7-A7-B-4416-8919-2-F710-CF05-CFD.jpg]

Front fenders.  Had a time figuring out the fasteners. Pretty darn good alignment of panels though. Note the hood is not closed all the way.  I am still refinishing the primary latch bar.

They had been hanging from the ceiling for too many years. 

[Image: 20190824-152404.jpg]

[Image: 20190824-152352.jpg]

[Image: 20190824-074035.jpg]
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