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What did you do to your car today?
Finished up the "back half" restoration on my truck. Cleaned out all the junk that accumulates over the years and gave it a proper bath. almost like driving a new one now. Changed the plugs and wires that were original '07 parts with 120k on them. Later in the year I'm going to strip the front end off and have it blasted and will install all new suspension bits as I can feel some play up there, not to mention some of the parts look like they've been resting with the Titanic since 1912. Damn CTDOT and the brine they use for deicing.

[Image: IMAG3694.jpg]

[Image: IMAG3689.jpg]

[Image: IMAG3679.jpg]

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Removed the dash and heater box.  Broke the drain spout off the box.  Repaired the broken spout with fiberglass.  Replaced the heater core. Reassembled the box.  Re-installed the heater/AC box.

Also.  Bought and distributed 10 bags of wet mulch. Planted 3 plants for the wife. Picked up son from School/Tennis, Took daughter to Volleyball practice.

Had a very busy car weekend. Spent a fair amount of time cleaning up the garage and reorganizing stuff. Replaced the trunk weatherstrip, it had started to come unglued after 13 years. Put a new Carpenter repop in, fit as expected.

Also put the PS pump and pulleys back in to finish up the power steering system. Got it topped off with Type F and took it for a drive. Going to take a while to get used to the 12.7:1 quick ratio box coming from the 5 turn barge steering of the manual box. My town is all windy tight back roads that were a real chore.

Also went to my friend's house today and got his 400 lit off in a 71 Challenger. i's a 71 block with the Trick Flow hydraulic roller cam, aluminum heads & intake, etc. Engine was built by a local guy and it's first pull was at 520hp, he won't tell me the real numbers after they fully tuned it...


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