All black or black with white hood stencil
Black With White
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What color to paint hood
My theme is 73 Mach1 black, bright white interior with black stripes. Was thinking about going with either all black hood or black with white in the middle. Would love your opinion
Just food for thought. You do know black was not an optional color in 72 or 73? Had to be Special Order and will show up on Marti and window sticker as extra cost. In 73 when they painted black you got Argent front bumper and Argent fillers in front of the rear bumper. In 72 you got a chrome bumper.
White would never look right but all black would be different like ghost stripes, lol. Of course use flat for hood shiny is just wrong.
[Image: Argent1.jpg]

I have a black 73 vert that has the six digit DSO for Special Order.

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If those are your two options I would keep the hood all black. I think that a body color hood is pretty cool.
"Paint it black, you devils!"
I love black cars, but they do have two drawbacks. First, black on an old car (or any new car for that matter) highlights any flaws in body panel alignments, gaps, and you pretty much have to have perfectly smooth panels. Black paint is expensive, and going to the expense of making the body perfect adds to the cost. The second drawback is keeping it clean and not inducing swirl marks. Swirls show up extremely well on black cars in bright sunlight. One trick that was relayed to me was to always use a drying cloth with motions that correspond to the wind direction that the car would experience: on the hood that means fore and aft only. Never clean the hood with a sideways or circular motion.
All that said, black, when done right, is absolutely a show stopper. Black Paint Matters!

Black paint is highly reflective as well, so I'd recommend that you think about a matte finish for the hood so you can avoid blinding reflective sunlight in your eyes.

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[Image: Flamicon2.jpg]

[Image: oldfart.png]
Thanks for the input so far, didn’t know they even offer black in 73, or chrome bumper, I’m using GM white for interior color, so I’m not really trying to stay correct, it this one of the best thing that I like about those Car was the two tone hood, I ness thinking about matted black but wasn’t sure how it would look or worth the price
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