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What are my options?
We knew there was a water leak and assumed it was a blown head gasket. On further inspection we found a crack in the blockHuh One of the pistons was stamped .040 and this is an M-code. Why would they bore a Cleveland 20 over and use dome pistons? If this were any other car Except a Mustang I would roll it out to the back yard and shoot it. We have spent too much time, money and work to let a cracked block get in the way of progress Big Grin The Grandé has a new interior, engine components and suspension system. So, what are my options? I would be looking for a short block. We have been thinking about putting a mild cam in the now broken block. Would be a good opportunity to make some changes in the engine plus clean out and paint the engine bay. We are going to turn what could be a bad experience into a positive one Idea

Thanks for the advice.


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1. Crate motor
2. Crate motor
3. Crate motor

You can look around and find what you want/need cheaper than you can build one most of the time and it has a warranty.
Someone here may have one that is close to your location. You might also look here, Ford 335 "Cleveland" Series Engine Forum.webloc . Are the crank and rods good? If so, you could find another block, preferably one that has not been bored. Any cleveland block will do (doesn't need to be 4 bolt). Sorry about the bad news. Chuck
Man, that sucks. But good attitude! Turn those lemons into Lynchburg lemonade!


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You should be able to locate a block fairly easly.Try the 351C forums and classified adds. Look at this as an opportunity to build the engine you want. There are lot's of companies that can build you what you are looking for,probably cheaper than you can do it. Just be sure and do your research! I am sure there are some blocks floating around on this forum also. The good news is that all Cleveland blocks are good blocks,( as long as they have not been abused) and the M codes are the same as the 2 bolt block.

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VAMach1 was giving one away, but it looks like your on opposite coasts!


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upload a photo on internet


You say one of the pistons was stamped .040 and then you ask the question (rhetorical?) as to why they would bore the block .020 and then add dome pistons.

Are the other other pistons stamped .040 also? You say or infer you have acquired other engine parts for this motor. What parts have you acquired? This could impact any advice as to what you need to do. Also curious as to where the crack is on the block.

Did you ever post up the casting numbers on the block and heads? I do not recall seeing them.

What are your ULTIMATE plans for your '71 Grandé?

All of this information will assist in our making suggestions as to your options.


Do the RIGHT thing.
I'll bring up the heresy, I've heard building a 351W is cheaper than the Cleveland, presumably because parts are easier to come by? The guys on the Cleveland forum referenced above are doing wonders with 400Ms also...

There area lot of good blocks out there. Me personally I want to know what I have and how it is built. Not sure of your mechanical aspirations, but if you build it and problems arise you generally know where to start looking. Crate motors are good and come with a warranty, but me, I think the cost vs seeing it with my own eyes helps me sleep better. Not to mention bragging rights to the winner Tongue

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I second the crate engine idea but there are lots more people on here that know way more than me about this.

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