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WFQ for 2-12--2011
Weekly Fun Question for 2-12-2011

Just a reminder of the Weekly Fun Question for 2-12-2011. If this looks strange this week its because I'm sitting in for Cobra on this one. He has his hands full with the VIP question this week. So bear with me, I will do my best.

Good Day:

As most of you know, we try to post a Weekly Fun Question (WFQ) every Saturday to educate members on some of the more obscure information relative to our '71 - '73 Mustangs. The exercise is also designed to provide some enterprising Member the opportunity to earn a nice #1 Icon and have his/her subscription (a $25.00 value) paid for membership in the VIP Forum once he or she has been the first to respond correctly to three (3) different WFQs.

On the VIP Forum, we also host a special Periodic Fun Question (PFQ) where VIP members are able to compete to earn a $50.00 store credit with one of our Vendor sponsors. The PFQ is posted three or four times a year.

The WFQ will be held at Noon (CST) on Saturday, February 12, 2011. For this particular WFQ, not only will the first member to respond correctly receive a nice Icon but TNFASTBK has donated an approximate 18" X 14" picture of the Winner's favorite picture of his or her car (specifics to be worked out between the Winner and TNFASTBK).
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