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Went to Grudge Fest Racing - Fuel System Problem Fixed but for only 2 runs
Well i got the new higher volume and much bigger filter installed between the tank and the pump. i put fresh gas into the tank and i set the regulator to 7.5psi and the pressure never changed inside the garage from start up to start up and even from just the key on or the motor running. so i thought the whole thing was fixed.

i go out to grudge fest racing and had 2 good runs. beat up on a late'ish 2000's corvette and a brand new chevy camaro in the first 2 rounds (i wagered $50 bucks each race against these dam chebby boys, please don't tell the wife!!!!) i pulled down a consistant 12.1-12.2 runs and practiced pedaling at the end for next weekend. also had a good 60ft in the 1.67-1.69.

on my 3rd and 4th runs all the money races died down so everybody now is just trying to have fun. i went against a BMW and 3/4 of the track down i start getting a popping sound and i keep my foot on the pedal and all of a sudden i get the pull back in then back out. i left off the pedal and then i start accelerating like i would normally on a street, luckily it was still enough to win a against a BMW for a fender still.

i go back to the pits and i find my pressure is down to 5.5 and it finally pulled away from the 7.5 that i went it to. so i added a little bit more gas even though i had more gas in the tank. i readjusted the regulator to 7.5 while its running. i went out to run against and went up against a 90 fox 5.0 that ran a 12.8. during the run, i did my regular 1.67x short track and at the same issue happened.

when i went back to the pits, i saw my pressure was at 7.5 at idle but if i turned off the engine and just turn on the key, the psi grows to 9psi. when i got the car home i watched the gauge and i saw when you put the key on it goes to 9 and then when my buddy starts the motor i slowsly see it lower to about 7psi. at light throttles i see the needle wanting to go below 7psi.

i dont know if my new 100 mesh filter is plugged up again (super bad gas or alot of crud in new tank?) or my pump and/or regulator is bad? or is putting my relay in the engine bay which is kind of far from the pump causing the problem? i'm going to call up summit and see if they would send me another regulator to see if it'll fix the problem.

thoughts guys
anything anybody?
to make this as short as possible, i talked to holley about the pumps and they sent me a new pump, regulator and painless sent me another relay and had to relocate it in the trunk. i replaced this and still has the problem.

i felt the lines in the engine bay after a long run and when the problem happened in the street and the lines were hot. i wrapped them up and the problem went away mostly. i routed the lines alot loose from the pump to the front of the car and also found a small leak. at the filter an fitting.

so far so good, and i'm going to install a smaller steering wheel for the new fixed kirkey seats to match and easier to get in with the cage installed.

tomorrow i gotta rebolt slicks wheels and tires then go racing on sunday.
Insulating the fuel lines sounds like may have been the old boiling of the fuel issue. That would explain the pressure variations. Maybe

[Image: 2rr7aiv.png]

Just cruising along minding our own business when BAM!!! The LAWS show up.
Hey Olie, I don't have a clue so I kept my mouth shut. But I hope you fixed the problem. Got me wondering, the stock fuel lines on my 429 are solid but they run close to the engine block. I don't run it hard but now I'm thinking if it should be separated a bit more...hmmm....


[Image: 25yvyp3.jpg]
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