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Welding question
Will a wire feed welder work for spot welding?
I want to replace the battery apron and was wondering if this type of welder is good eno[/b]ugh.
(09-01-2010, 06:11 PM)f117rt Wrote: Will a wire feed welder work for spot welding?
I want to replace the battery apron and was wondering if this type of welder is good eno[/b]ugh.

you can drill holes in the top piece and then plug weld that will give you the same result.A wire feed does not spot weld. A spot welder heats both sides.


[Image: a58hgh.jpg]
Like72fastback said, a wire feed welder will allow you to weld panels together, but the welds are either going to be seams or plugs. Seams are where you weld along the edge (and definitely would not look correct on a Mustang) and plug welds typically get ground down to disappear. The holes for a plug weld are either drilled out through the existing metal being kept or drilled or punched out of the new piece to be installed--this all depends on how the metal is situated.

For welders, MIG (Metal Inert Gas) works quite well on mild steel. A friend of mine used a wire welder with flux core and he got decent results, however I would prefer to have the gas. Many of my customers have spot welders that have two contacts that are pressed together to put a little bit of pressure on the weld area as well as the welding current. Those welders form a perfect looking factory type weld in most locations that does not need any grinding or finishing. For the home hobbiest, these welders are financially out of reach and a MIG is a more economical solution.

[Image: 4zw1hv.png]

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Second on if your going to mig--- spring for the gas--wayyyyyyyyy less splatter and much prettier welds. I only use core when I'm welding on farm equipment or other things that arent required to look good.
We can assume that it could be work for bit stuff. As we know that welding is always a challenge though. This could be a fine for work and it could be a good stuff as for scrap.
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