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Weekly Fun Question - Test Your 71-73 Mustang Knowledge
Hi All!

It's Saturday and time again for the "Weekly Fun Question" where the first person who correctly responds via PM to Rocketfoot and me will receive "bragging rights" and a nice icon.

The question this week pertains to the rear end. As some of you may know, our '71 - '73 mustangs came with 28 and 31 spline axles. The vast majority were 28 spline axles. Here is the scenario for this week.

You installed this new cam a couple of weeks ago along with a couple of other modifications and today you broke an axle as a result of age and all the new found powerSmile. You need another axle in a hurry due to an appointment at the strip for a grudge run on tomorrow morning.

Based on your previous inquiries you know there are no '71 - '73 mustangs in your local bone yards, BUT you are in luck as there are a couple yards that has many other "old" cars. You decide to call around to see if any of the other cars that share the same length axles (and splines) as your Mustang are in one of the yards.

The question is:

Can you name three other makes, model and year of manufacture of vehicles that utilized the same length axles as our 28 spline '71 - '73 mustangs?

Who will get bragging rights (and the nice icon) for being the first to correctly respond to the question with a PM to Rocketfoot and me?

Good Luck!


Do the RIGHT thing.
I have received a couple of PMs but so far have not received one with the correct response.

Any more inputs?


Do the RIGHT thing.
Seems like a simple question, but this one may be tricky! LOL!

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Hi All!

Over the past 48 hours, we have received five (5) PMs relative to the Fun Question for this week. For only the second time in our brief history, it would appear that the membership has been stumped by a "fun" question.

To recap, the question was:

Can you name three other makes, model and year of manufacture of vehicles that utilized the same length axles as our 28 spline '71 - '73 mustangs?

To address this question, it is important to understand that the 71 - 73 Mustangs actually had two different lengths for the right axles. The left axles were the same length throughout the 1971 - 1973 model years.

*Up until December 15, 1972, the right axle length was 31 7/8" long.
The left axle length was 27 13/16" long.

After December 15, 1972, the right axle length was 31 25/32" long.
The left axle length remained 27 13/16" long.

The following vehicles shared the exact same axles length as the 71 - 73 mustangs with 28 splines as indicated:

1971 - 1973 Cougars (same as mustangs for the same time period)
1970 Fairlane (same as Mustangs built through December 15, 1972)
1970 - 71 Montego (same as Mustangs through December 15, 1972)
1971 Torino (Same as Mustangs through December 15, 1972)

Please keep in mind that many 1973 Mustangs were built prior to December 15, 1972.

SOURCE: Hollander Interchange Manual


Do the RIGHT thing.
In the words of the famous spokesman Homer Simpson "d'oh!!!!!!!!

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Yes, Nance I was very surprised that you "missed" this one as you have shown a very strong knowledge of rear end parts in the past. That having been said, the question was a bit "tricky" as Bary said.

I don't know if I can think of anything to rival this in the coming week but I will trySmile!

Thanks to everyone for your participation!


Do the RIGHT thing.
Dang! For some reason, I felt that the topic might have been especially pertinent to my current dilemma. Smile But no luck in getting the right answer this time.

Keep 'em coming, BT. I want that blasted icon! Big Grin



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