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Weekly Fun Question Reminder
Good Day All,

Please note that the Weekly Fun Question (WFQ) will be posted at approximately Noon (CST) on tomorrow, Saturday, July 16, 2011.

Since we seem to have a lot of 351C Gurus on the Site, I have decided to post a question on the 351C for this week's WFQ. Hint, Hint!!


Do the RIGHT thing.
Sorry Cobra will be workingSad So no fun question for me but maybe some extra mustang fundsBig Grin
Well Roy, as you know the "cut off" is not until approximately 7:00PM (CST) on Monday and dependent upon whether or not I get the desired response, you may still have time to win "bragging rights" as a VIP member.

I can tell you this, the question will NOT be an easy oneSmile!


Do the RIGHT thing.
Ok folks I'm working and just got a break decided to look at the question and knowing I was to late but nobody has answered. Come on folks , Cobra puts a lot into these. I know because he asked me to fill in one week. Its a chore to come up with a good question for just one week much less every week.
Thanks Cobra I enjoy them.
Please note that responses to the "Weekly Fun Question" should be posted to the particular thread and not sent to me via email or PM.

Although your response will not be seen immediately on the thread, it is there and will show up when I archive that particular "Fun Question." This is designed so there will be minimal controversy as to who provided the accepted response first. Since no one can see the response others have made, there are no "clues" to help the guessers. Additionally, this leaves no doubt to all as to who was the first to submit the acceptable response Smile.

If you are one of the members (General or VIP) who sent me an email or PM, please go in and submit your response on the thread itself. Who knows, you might be a "winner" and I would think you would not want to "lose out" because you submitted your response the "wrong waySmile.



Do the RIGHT thing.
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