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Weekly fun Question for May 18, 2013

Call Me a Cab
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Weekly fun Question for May 18, 2013
Good Day All!

Please note that VIP Members are not eligible to participate in this exercise as a different problem is being presented on the VIP WFQ Forum for your entertainment and "bragging rights."

Specifics on the Weekly Fun Question (WFQ), to include information on awards and prizes for Winners, can be found on the thread below.


Please note that when you submit your response, it will not usually be viewable until I release all the responses at the end of the exercise.

The Problem:

Which of the following engine code(s) was/were not available on the 1972 Mustangs?

a. "C"

b. "F"

c. "M"

d. "R'

The FIRST Member to respond with the desired response will be declared the "Winner."

This exercise will end at approximately 7:00 PM (CST) on Monday, May 20, 2013.

Good Luck!

The desired response is "C" and "M"

Do the RIGHT thing.
05-18-2013, 06:05 PM
  Find   Reply

C and M were note available.
M engine code was not available.
To repeat the problem:

Which of the following engine code(s) was/were not available on the 1972 Mustangs?

a. "C"

b. "F"

c. "M"

d. "R"

The desired response is "C" and "M"

Based on the above, wwhite72 has provided the desired response and is "on the boards" for his first win. Congratulations!

Source: "Mustang...by the Numbers (1967-1973) by Kevin Marti, Page 105.


Do the RIGHT thing.
congrats wwhite72
Congrats WW!

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Congratz! Award added to your profile!


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I won! This is a fun feature on the site!


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