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Weekly Fun Question for 12-18-2010 - Test Your 71-73 Mustang Knowledge
Good Day All!

1. This is the first "Weekly Fun Question" under the new guidelines. To recap:

a. Members designated as "winners" must come from the general membership. They may not be a member or otherwise have access to the VIP Forum.

b. As in the past, the "winner" must be the first to respond via PM to Barry (rocketfoot) and me with the correct answer.

c. The member with the correct response will be given a nice Icon showing their accomplishment. Upon being declared the "winner" on three (3) different occasions, a member will have his/her fees paid for access to the VIP Forum and the possibility to "win" even more substantial awards.

d. VIP members may participate in the "Weekly Fun Question" for bragging rights but will only be recognized on the VIP Forum for this accomplishment. VIP members will be the [b]ONLY[/b] members eligible to participate in the "Periodic Fun Question" where more substantive awards may be "won."

2. The question for this week's "Weekly Fun Question" is:

Can you identify the relatively rare Mustang that was built in 1971 that shared a black honeycomb grille with the 1971 Mach I and the 1971 351 Boss Mustangs?

3. If you think you know the answer, please send a PM to "rocketfoot" and "cobra3073" with the response.

Good Luck!


Do the RIGHT thing.
Good Day All!

We have a WINNER and he is a "three-timer" which means he will have his fees paid for entry to the FAMOUS VIP Forum. Counting the response we had from a VIP member (who is not eligible to be declared as a winner for this contest), we had six (6) responses.

To recap, the question is:

Can you identify the relatively rare Musgtang that was built in 1971 that shared a black honeycomb grill with the 1971 Mach I and the 1971 351 Boss Mustangs?

The answer we were looking for is the "1971 Spring Special Sports Hardtop" or "Sports Coupe." Either response would have been acceptable. According to documentation, less than 500 were made. While we had three members with the correct responses, HEMIKILLER was the first eligible member to respond with the correct response.

Congratulations, Dennis on your third "win" as part of the "Weekly Fun Question" exercises. Action will be taken to upgrade your membership to VIP status.

Honorable mention is also appropriate for BOSSPROTOTYPE who responded with an acceptable correct answer but was not as quick as HEMIKILLER on the boardsSmile.

Thanks to all the Players!


Do the RIGHT thing.

(12-20-2010, 10:34 PM)Hemikiller Wrote: Hoo-Rah!

blah Congrats
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