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Weekly Fun Question for 12-03-2011

Call Me a Cab
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Weekly Fun Question for 12-03-2011
Good Day:

Attention VIP Members: A variation of this thread is also being posted on the VIP WFQ Forum for your participation. Please do not respond on this Forum or this threadSmile!

The Weekly Fun Question (WFQ) is designed as an "ENTERTAINMENT" exercise to give "General" Members the opportunity to test their knowledge on information relative to the '71 - '73 Mustangs. It is also meant to allow the same members the opportunity to have a nice #1 Icon added to their profile when they are the FIRST to provide the desired response. Additionally, if a general member "wins" on three (3) separate occasions, the member will have his/her membership (a $25.00 value) paid for a VIP subscription on the Site.

Please keep in mind that sometimes there may be contradictory information provided by different sources relative to our Mustangs. We always try to ensure the WFQs are developed from recognized sources. That having been said, if a source provides different information than what we are looking for, we will more than likely go with the original source for the purpose of declaring a "winner." That does not mean that we will not discuss the discrepancy as that could help enhance credibility and broaden the knowledge on the Site.

Please note that when you respond to this thread, you will not see your "answer" as the thread is designed to show the responses at the end of the current contest (usually at approximately 7:00 P.M. {CST}) the following Monday when the thread is transferred to the "Archives" Forum.

Only the first response from a Member to a specific question will be entertained as being correct. Edited responses will not count, so please make sure you are satisfied with your response before you post. Also, please keep in mind that in order for responses to "count" they must be posted up to this thread. PMs to me will not do itSmile.

Even though there may have been a number of replies to the question, those replies may not necessarily be correct. It is to your benefit to submit a response even if it is a "Guess."

[/b][size=medium] The problem for today's contest was developed by Don65Stang as a result of his having been the VIP Member to win the most recent contest. Our SINCERE Thanks, Don!

The Problem:
The 1972 351 CID 4V 8-cylinder option included a number of differences to the vehicle and/or engine over the base 302 CID 2V 8-cylinder engine. The member who can list the highest number of those differences wins today's contest. If there is a tie the tie breaker will be the member who answered first.

Answer should be in the following format and should list as many of the differences as possible since the member with the most correct differences will win.

Good Luck!


1. Nasa type hood scoop
2. 55 amp alternator
3. 55 amp battery
4. special intake manifold
5. Special valve springs with dampers
6. large capacity 4300D carburetor
7. dual exhast
8. 21/2" diameter exhaust outlets
9. modified camshaft
10. 4 bolt main bearing caps
11. staggered rear shocks

Source: "Mustang Accessory Price List 1972, effective date October 15, 1971"
dohebert and T-K

Do the RIGHT thing.
12-03-2011, 02:08 PM
  Find   Reply

1. no dual induction ram air from the factory on the 4V cars
2. 740 CFM Motorcraft 4 bbl carb. on the CJ cars - 2V 351s didn't get a 4 bbl.
3. different intake manifold on the 4V cars
4. different exhaust manifolds on the 4V cars
5. 4v cars made at least 266 hp, compared to 177 for 2V 351C cars
6. compression ratio was different - 9.0:1 for either 4V, 8.6:1 for the 2V
7. the engine code in the VIN was different - "Q" for the 351 CJ or R for the HO
8. different heads on the 4V engines
9. 4-bolt main bearing caps on the 4V engines
10. dual-point distributor on 4V cars
11. high-lift, shorter-duration camshaft on the 4V cars
here goes:

1.Ram air
2.NASA hood
3.Factory tach
4.Chrome front bumper
5.Rear window louvers
6.Mach1 grille
7.Lower rear end gears
8.Locking differential
9.C6 Transmission
10.Upgraded suspention
11.staggered shocks
12.Center console
13.15" magnum rims
14.4 speed wide ratio
15.Rear spoiler
16.Front chin spoiler
The Originator (Don65Stang) for this question was under the impression that it was quite easy but I thought it was anything butSmile!

We only had two (2) postings to the question and those responses were extremely close to each other. It was obvious from their responses that these two Members (dohebert and T-K), who have both won on one previous occasion, spent a great deal of time and effort on this exercise. Considering that, I have decided BOTH Members have not only earned the award for this week but both will receive VIP status based on their submissions.

I have made this decision due to the difficulty of the question coupled with their demonstrated willingness to "give it a try" in spite of that difficulty.

Congratulations Dohebert and Torgeir!


Do the RIGHT thing.
WOW good job guys
Congratulations to both of you! As you can see...It pays to play!

I have upgraded both members to VIP! Enjoy the new forum perks! Big Grin

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1971 Mach 1 - 306cid/C4 Bright Yellow
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Thanks!, and Congrats DohebertSmile

I see we "understood" the Q differently, but we did playSmile

There is no shame in playing and coming up with wrong answers, im taking it as learning at the same time im having fun. Lets hope we see more then two answers next timethumb

And of course a thank you to Cobra3073 and others for making this fun challenges happening every week!!Smile

Congratulations! guys on solving my apparent brain buster questions.

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Thank you, and congrats to T-K.
Congratz Dohebert and T K!!

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