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I know that this topic has come up before concerning trunk weatherstripping with how hard it is to close the trunk but after installing new weatherstripping on my trunk, I cannot even get it to close. Prior to installing it, the trunk lid was about a 1/4 inch below the quarter panel alignment, now with it on, I cannot lock the trunk. I have a couple 25lb weight plates holding it closed now so that hopefully the stripping will compress some. Anyone else have this issue after the install and how long before it compressed enough to close properly. I tried to move the locking plate up some but it is at its highest. The weatherstrip came from Mustangs Unlimited and is very pliable.  Thanks for any input.

When you apply force how is the top of the lid aligned to the surrounding body? Is it higher? If lower, it is likely the locking plate near the tank filler that is too low or the lock in lid too high. If aligned or lower but not locking, did you or someone did some body repairs, where the locking plate could have been welded lower/cut?
Do you hear metal noise or nothing at all when almost there?
Also, is it a coupe or fastback?

Could you post a pict of the trunk with and without the rubber (if not glued) when closed? and a close up to see how the rubber looks like when open?

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One thing to look for before you buy the rubber is there air vent holes in the seal? The original rubber has holes in the seal to let air out as the trunk is closed. I have had great results with the Door seals I got from Carpenter. They do not sell direct but you can ask for them.
I would also ask did you compare the profiles of the new to the old? Are they same or different?

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I will take some pics by tomorrow and post them. The rubber is already rtv'd down so hopefully I don't have to take it back off. I put a new trunk pan and rear panel on a couple months ago so it is possible that the center lock bracket is too low as I really was not able to take measurements before taking it off because of prior damage to the tail panel, I will take another look at the bracket and compare to some pics on here . When pushing down while trying to close the trunk, the lid front and back lines up well, I am thinking that you are right and the bracket is too low. Thanks for the quick reply.

David, thanks for the reply and the input on the original having air vent holes, unfortunately, I do not have the original to compare because it was already gone when I got the trunk. The new one does not have the vent holes though, makes me wish I would have just drove to the store to inspect the part instead of ordering online.

Time to get the drill or awl out...punch some holes...

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[Image: Flamicon2.jpg]

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Midlife, that's what I am thinking I will do after work tomorrow night. Thanks.

I had a similar issue with trunk weatherstripping on my 69 vert. After two years of having to slam the lid closed with way too much force, I purchased the weatherstripping made by Daniel Carpenter --- for about $5 more in price than the usual reproduction one carried by most vendors. It was immediately apparent it was a better (and softer) product. Once installed the trunk closes with minimal effort.

Do yourself a favor and buy some 3M specialty adhesive remover - it's pricey but worth every penny. I bought the aerosol can and still have quite a bit remaining in the can.
It removes weatherstripping adhesive quickly and does not harm the paint surface.
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