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weather strip job help
Hello All

Is there an old or new post with pictures on here about changing all the weather strip bits and bobs.

Thanks Nige
I do not recall there being one where all were changed. The roof rail is one area of issue on most. The door seals are pretty straight forward. The rubber screw on caps around there the window goes up and down, end of door and door post are just take screws out and put back.
The rear window has recently been gone into detail.
Use good 3-M contact adhesive for the rubber parts that need it. Put masking tap on the area to keep it only where you need it.
for the roof rails I would not use the foam tape. They leaked when brand new mine had 2" of water in the back floor the second day I owned. They like to have never found the leak in the roof rail.
I use the non hardening strip caulk. You can get boxes of 3-M at the paint store or you can get rolls of it at your local home improvement store.
The pics show a roll of it. I used on the short rail on a vert windshield / door seal.

[Image: DSC-2161.jpg]

[Image: DSC-2162.jpg]

[Image: DSC-2165.jpg]

When a man is in the woods and talks and no women are there is he still wrong??
See my recent post about removing old tape/glue as you will need to clean up some areas first
The strip caulking is the best way to go for re-sealing the roof drip and weatherstrip channels
Don't just replace the weatherstrips, remove and reseal the drip/weather strip channels(moldings)
Get yourself some 3M black weatherstrip adhesive to glue new weather seals in place
You can use ordinary contact glue but the 3M adhesive seems better and also works well for headliners
Just remember before you apply any adhesive retrofit your pieces to see where they line up as you may have to make some adjustments
Maybe post some specific questions for more detailed answers
Thanks for the info guys . Nige
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