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WD-40 Did ever go through a construction zone
Did ever go through a construction zone and end up with tar all over the car. Well WD-40 is the stuff for you. They were repaving my street and I took the mustang that day and didn't notice they had just put the liquid tar on the first coat. When I got home the car had tar drops everywhere especially on the lower part in back of the tires. I went online to see what I could use and I saw a site that said to try WD-40. The tar melts right off. You might need to use quite a lot if it is thick on there and of course some elbow grease. But it does do a great job.

Another use for it is on flat black paint. It makes it look awesome. Since you can't wax the flat paint it also repels water a little bit better.


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Great advice. I'll file that for the future when needed.

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Just cruising along minding our own business when BAM!!! The LAWS show up.
I will try that on my 2010 gt, it has tar all over it from all the construction on the roadways in germany, but it might be too late, its been stuck on there forever now. Its a black car so its not a big big deal but I can see it every time I walk up to it.

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the amount of time it was on the car doesn't mater it will come of


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72fastback;33145 Wrote:the amount of time it was on the car doesn't mater it will come of

oh ok cool

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Great tip.

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Be careful! I used WD40 on my dark green 98 Mustang GT Convertible to lube the lock cylinders and it appeared to stain the paint where it dripped down the door from the lock cylinder. Waxing did not even fix it. Could have been that particular color, but you may want to try a test area first to make sure your paint will not stain.

If you zoom the picture and look close you can see the streak under the lock cylinder.

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upload a photo on internet

of course you should test it but on my car it left no marks at all. I would spray it and then wipe after a few seconds. It might react with waxHuh but yes be sure to test first on a hidden spot. I should of said that in the original post but since my paint was fine it slipped my mindDodgy The fact that it dripped when you lubed your lock might be the reason. Maybe if it stays on to long or is hit with sun heat might be why.


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Cool tip, thanx.
But there is something else that works like a charm for removing tar and that is........... BUTTER!
Yup, the stuff you smear on your bread that tastes yummy and makes your arteries clog. Rub it on, leave it on overnight and rub it off with the tar. (Don´t use it on the bread after you got it off the car, though!) :-)

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