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water temp gauge
My mechanical (capillary tube) coolant temp gauge stopped working after the last engine rebuild. I must have damaged the tube somehow and let out the magic gas. Does anyone have experience using an electrically driven water temp gauge? If so, have you found them to be accurate and reliable or not?
Thanks, Chuck
I went to electrical temperature and oil pressure gauges years ago, due to concerns about the oil pressure gauge tube breaking, even though I never used the nylon tubing most gauges come with. I have a 3-gauge Autogage set in my Mustang, and they seem to be fairly accurate. I was concerned about voltage fluctuations changing gauge readings, but they must have some internal regulation. They were going to be temporary, but 15 years later they're still hanging on the bottom of the dash, maybe this year I'll get some gauges in the center of the dashSmile

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