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Water Shields
Hello everybody, who can explain differences between sets of shields from attached photos.
And second question, are these useful? As I leave in a country side and having rains during 6 month per year think are practical.
Also thinking in a set of mudflaps, also attached.
Please comment. I am restoring a 302 coupe 73.

.jpg   Mudflaps.jpg (Size: 2.17 KB / Downloads: 153)        
In the picture with a clear hole in the two pieces. They fit under the front edge of the fender, one above the head light, the other to the side. There are holes in the fender for accessing the extensions attachment nuts. In the other photo, they are the under fender mud shields. The small one goes up behind the headlight bucket, the large one mounts close to the firewall. The accessory flaps are good for keeping rock chips off you paint.
Uh Oh, I recognize the pieces in the top photo, but, don't recognize the pieces in the second. Can anyone elaborate some more on them? Exactly where do they go? Were they factory?
picture 1 looks like mud flaps? not sure.

picture 2: these are the fender mud/dirt deflectors.

these pieces are installed from the front wheel wells, you may need to remove the tire.
the smaller pieces attach to the front rad support from under the front fender.
the larger install to the rear of the fender cavity. attach to the lower torque box and at the top is a screw hole for the top mount. they help keep dirt flung up from the tire getting into area that do not drain well like the rockers.

picture 3: these are the dirt shields that go at the front of the fenders above the front grill.
you may need to remove the front grill to get access. they are on the sides and top of the front of the fender around the headlight bucket panels. the narrow ones go on the sides the larger go under the tops of the fenders they fill up holes again to try and keep dirt out.
Oops, I guess I meant pic's 2 & 3, anyway, can you buy the pieces in pic 3?
Excellent answers, thanks.
If any is interested, found these at ebay (motorcity_mustang)

keep smiling....
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