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Water Bypass Tube Rotten
Big day today got new..

Heater core
Heater Control Valve
Heater Hose
Upper Radiator Hose
Thermostat Housing (Cast Iron)
180F Thermostat

Took abt 2hrs to put heater the core in the heater box and finish inside car.

When I got the car the heater core was bypassed by just looping a section
of heater hose from the water pump to the block. When I took the
hose off the water bypass tube in the block was rotten to the bone!

Figured I was SOL and the car would sit for days while I tracked one down.

[Image: j6tm3m.jpg]

This is an example why the internet is a wonderful thing...

I did a search for a replacement tube and they are available. Turns out the
nipple on the heater core is the same OD and I just happened to have one.

To remove it you need to collapse the old tube by driving a small
screwdriver in between the block and tube in a few spots til its loose.

I cleaned the block and the cut off heater core tube, applied some sealer
and drove it in and Robert is your father's brother!

I think the brass tube I put in will outlast a new steel replacement.

This may help someone in same situation.


73 Grandé
351C 2v
Now 4v Carb/Cam/headers/T5

Gasoline is for washing parts.
Alcohol is for drinking.
Nitomethane is for racing!

Work in Progress photos here:
Last Update: 4/23/16


Excellent work there. When mine failed I tapped the hole for 1/2" pipe and installed the universal adaptor to go from pipe to hose. About a ten minute fix. Harbor Freight sells the tap.
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