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Wanted Power Telescoping Mirror’s, Cost $23,000...
I went looking at the 2019 F-150’s... I have a ‘17 XLT Crew Sport Model year. I added aftermarket non power telescoping and folding towing mirrors (factory wiring would not allow for the telescoping/folding power mirror feature on my truck). I was able to find the standard heated and power mirror function units. However, sometimes, there is a need to fold them inwards... In any event, I left the dealership having ordered a new Lariat, Max tow, 3.5 eco crew cab, with the factory installed telescoping/folding power mirrors. Actual factory cost for the mirrors is $570(Cdn) my cost: $23K after trading in my vehicle... At the end of the day, I did well on my trade in and I was able to build the exact truck I wanted, of course with all the applicable discounts Ford is currently offering. Initially, I told my wife I was going out for a drive that morning...  Angel Surprisingly, she accepted the new purchase calmly, I sold her on the heated and cooled seats Smile Next, an enclosed aluminum car trailer... “Honey, I’m just just going out for a drive “  devil[Image: 38-CC7952-8-B20-4-EA1-9-F61-8-E9-AABD6-E4-F4.jpg]
I'm missing the power folding mirrors too. Our 05 Tahoe had them but the Silverado I recently purchased (low mileage used) had a lot of options, but not the power folding mirrors. I understand they are fairly easy to convert, so that is on my wish list.

Mike AKA Ole Pony & Rare Pony

Our current Mustang garage/driveway
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upload a photo on internet

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