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Voltage regulator or alternator??
(03-21-2019, 05:00 PM)turtle5353 Wrote: Just got alternator checked again and its good. Reinstalled everything and checked voltage to green wire. It’s all good. Found an old regulator in the garage and threw it on. Everything worked! Battery charging at 13.6 volts at idle.  So now to return the new regulator and try again!! These aftermarket parts are ridiculous!!! Bad alternator and voltage regulator brand new right out of the box!! Talk about a pain in the ass!!

At least the regulator didn't decide to full field the alternator and spike the entire car with 18V, taking out your brand new MSD 6AL box. Stupid $15 regulator cost me $75 in repairs from MSD. I now only use Motorcraft electronic units, mostly scavenged from junkyard crawls.

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