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voltage regulator
does a voltage regulator use the body as a source of ground? someone has over tightened the mounting screws, cannot get it tight like it needs to be.
Yes it does. As an emergency fix, you can stick a piece of stripped wire in the hole, then thread in the screw. That'll usually give it enough grip to tighten down.

Permanent fix is to either nut & bolt it, or weld up the hole a bit.

what I thought, having a problem with lights pulsating when car is running, amp gauge needle moves, replaced alternator it helped a lot but lights still pulsate. have a new headlight switch to put in it, work on voltage regulator mounting holes, hopefully this will fix problem.
The battery grounding is critical to provide grounds to the chassis and engine. The original ground cable ran from the negative terminal on the battery to the bottom screw on the voltage regulator and then on to a bolt on the engine block. It's also a good idea to add a ground from the rear of the engine to the firewall.

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