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Vinyl hood stripes question
Wondering if anyone have used the vinyl hood stripes for there flat hood? Any opinions? maybe some pictures?
Doing a vinyl wrap on my stanger.

If you can find a stripe "kit" you will be better off Because...

Bulk vinyl from the suppliers as far as I know comes off of a 5 foot wide printer
thus I have to buy a 5x7 foot chunk for my 3x6.3 front fender.


73 Grandé
351C 2v
Now 4v Carb/Cam/headers/T5

Gasoline is for washing parts.
Alcohol is for drinking.
Nitomethane is for racing!

Work in Progress photos here:
Last Update: 4/23/16


I was thinking about it but painted instead.
Hi Alex,

When i bought my '73 Vert back in mid 2011, the previous owner had used a local stripes company in his home city to put a vinyl decal over the original flat hood that was on the car when i bought it.

The design was improvised and not copied per say. I thought it looked fairly good, but i had my heart set on moving to a Nasa hood with painted black matt relief. Here is a photo of how it used to look.

.jpg   1971 MUSTANG GOLD 011.jpg (Size: 153.32 KB / Downloads: 78)



Colored vinyl won't be a problem if you either keep it in the inset like Greg's car is, or to the outside of it.
The issue otherwise will be with the little compound curves near the windshield in the inset. Vinyl won't make and keep that rounded area without relieving (cutting) it. As is shrinks over time (and it will), the vinyl will lift out of that area, making a bubble.

Flat areas and gentile simple curves like the peak that runs front/rear, are no problem at all for most applications.
Use a quality brand (3M, Avery, etc.) "cast" material, not "calendared":

Vinyl can be purchased in various width rolls. My machine is 24", and I buy either 15" or 24" depending on the job. Lengths commonly are available in 10 yards (30 linear feet) or 50 yards. I rarely need(ed) anything wider, but often ordered custom width stripes for boats and such down to 1/4" from a wholesale supplier out of state.

I haven't handled any of the wrap material yet, and I understand that it does "tool" nicer than the old school colored vinyl that I am accustomed to.

Pete - MotoArts Decals and Signs
'71 Sportsroof 351C-4V/4-speed - FINALLY under construction - no, wait, on hold again...
'90 Mustang 7-Up 5.0 ragtop, rolling beater
'66 Sunbeam Tiger Mk.IA, survivor
This is the product I was looking at
hood stripe kit
I like that stripe kit, Waterlife. It's reminiscent of the Sprint and original Eleanor. thumb

Totally agree with MotoArts - gotta use the lines of the body to help with the placement of the custom styling (stripes, etc.), unless you're going for a completely contrasting theme, then all bets are off. Missing the body lines by just an inch or so with stripes just seems like 'coloring outside of the lines' to me, which also strikes me as unprofessional. Not to mention the physical issues with the striping materials over time as they shrink, fade, lift-up, crack, split, etc., staying within the uncomplicated surface areas also adds to the longevity of the application.

Greg - wow... SO glad you went with a NASA hood. If mine would've had that pattern on the hood, I think I would've peeled it off as one of the first things on the list. No doubt they did a nice job applying it, but cutting that shape... not so much, IMHO. But, that's just me.


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