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VIN question
Very new to Ford lingo. I posted some pics of my 73 Grandé in the welcome section. I was decoding the VIN and found an H in the 5th slot. According to the VIN decoder, this would indicate a 351 Ram air, yet when I google that particular motor it says it is easy to recognize by the unique air cleaner, which mine does not have.
The car had 80000 miles and I recieved it from owner #2.
Seems kind of low mileage for a swap?
Any thoughts?

The H code is for a 351 cleveland with a 2 barrel carburetor. Ram air was an extra option and does not show in the VIN. You would need a build sheet or Marti report to confirm if it originally had ram air.

From looking at your intro pics of engine you do not have the ram air option as the air cleaner is not correct for it and there is no hood insert that was part of the system. It could have been swapped out but only way to know for sure is get one of the reports I mentioned.

1972 Q Code Convertible
ok, thanks. I'm sure its just a plain Jane 351 2v. Just got thrown by the ram air thing.
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