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      Still chasing this vibration in front end.  U joints, drive shaft, rear trans mount, and tail shaft bushing all seem good.  I was told to check the front bearings and calipers.  I pulled it all apart today, first time in five years since I bought the car.  Nothing shocking ... calipers and mounting bolts were rusty, dry etc.  Mounting bolts need a good cleaning and lubing.  I tried to push the pistons back in the caliper and they seemed stiff.  I have enclosed photos showing how far I got each side piston back.  The bearings look good, no discoloration/pitting/looseness/ although they seemed as though they needed more grease.  Tightness of bearing nut seemed good.  I have enclosed pictures of the bearings, spindles, calipers.  Questions:

1.  Should the pistons go back into the calipers further or does this look normal ?

2.  Do spindles look okay, wear wise ?

3. Bearings look okay ?  Of note  ... two different bearing manufacturers for each side of the car.  They so seem correct for the car.  I know nothing of the history or age of any of these components.

Would it be best just to replace bearings/seals/caliper bolts etc.  Thanks
[Image: IMG-2127.jpg]

[Image: IMG-2128.jpg]

[Image: IMG-2129.jpg]

[Image: IMG-2130.jpg]

[Image: IMG-2131.jpg]

[Image: IMG-2132.jpg]

[Image: IMG-2133.jpg]

[Image: IMG-2134.jpg]

[Image: IMG-2135.jpg]

[Image: IMG-2136.jpg]

[Image: IMG-2137.jpg]

[Image: IMG-2138.jpg]

[Image: IMG-2139.jpg]
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