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Very special request
(09-09-2018, 09:34 AM)Carolina_Mountain_Mustangs Wrote:
(09-08-2018, 09:06 AM)Manu Mach1 Wrote: Some update: in France (and probably for all Europe), I am allowed to receive  

Cigarettes : 200 unités
ou Cigarillos : 100 unités
ou Tabacs à fumer : 250 g
ou Cigares : 50 unités.

In this case I don't know if Hav A Tampa I would like is considered as cigarillos or cigars, but never mind because I would like a box of 50 pieces.


If it's ok for you David, it will be sent as gift, so no tax to pay for me, because the quantity don't exceed what is allowed, and because it's a gift.


Thank you guys for your help.
Please PM me your full name and address information for the shipping. I will go to smoke shop today and see what I can come up with for 50 smokes.
I went to Cuba couple years ago without permission, lol. Went to Nassau and got ticket on Cubana air.
Spent over two weeks just going places no plan did not stay in a hotel at all. Stayed with the locals forget what they call it but like B&B in US. Normal citizens get about $25.00 per month salary, medical Dr. about $40.00 and the highest paid person in Cuba is the tobacco farmer at $45.00 a month.
I quit smoking over 10 years ago Have COPD and lost about 40% of lung capacity. I started out smoking cigars.
So will see what I can locate today do not know where smoke shops are but will find them.

David,I will post a pic from a box my father brought back from US in the 70's. Still have one, to my mother home. 
I remember when ùy dad came back from US, he was full of gift for my brother and sisters. I remember roller skates, watches with led illumination, cars model kit... At this time he was in business with guys from San Antonio, importation of antiques from France.
In 1983, I was 17, and we travelled together to US. New York, friends in New Jersey, Atlanta, San Antonio. This trip, I will never forget. It's probably at this time that I felt in love with 70's american cars. I will come back to US, I would like to go one time to the burning man, to drive in those roads, symply to do a road trip.

Mustang, beer and rock'nroll
Ok have been having to do lots of running around with the big storm coming soon. Got generator tested and plenty of fuel and I think everything is ready for the big blow and rain.
I did get the 10 packs of 5 Hav-A-Tampa Jewels Sweet. Most places did not have them but our local grocery Ingle's did.
So they are boxed up will see if I can do the customs paperwork tonight and get to the Post Office tomorrow. I did stop by and they said best not to send in a Priority Mail box just a regular would save a bunch on postage.
The box is just a little over one pound in weight US.
I will send you PM with copy of the tracking info for the cigars and we can figure something out on payment.
Cheers and enjoy,

[Image: WP_000777.jpg]

[Image: WP_000778.jpg]

When a man is in the woods and talks and no women are there is he still wrong??
Many thanks David, my dad will appreciate, for sure the smell will remind us our 1983 travel to US.

You should not leave your house? Or you don't have the obligation (authority) to leave the area?
Well I saw the news this morning that the Hurricane is retrograded to 2, and is deviated to the south, direction Georgia...

Take care,


Mustang, beer and rock'nroll
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