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Vapor Canister Connection to Edelbrock Air Cleaner Housingh
Hi Guys,

The previous owner of my '71 installed a Holley carb with Edelbrock air cleaner housing.

He also removed the hose that connected the vapor/carbon canister to the original air cleaner, leaving the canister output open to the atmosphere.

As a result, I am getting strong raw gas fumes in my attached garage.  On windy days I can even smell the gas inside the house.  The fumes are definitely coming out of the open port on the canister.

To correct this, I was planning on re-installing a hose between canister and air cleaner.  I have seen this solution suggested in other threads on this forum, and I have seen the 3/4" id hoses for sale online.

However, on the original stock air cleaner the vapor line connected on the "dirty" side of the air filter.  This meant that any impurities would be caught by the air filter.  The only way I can connect it on the new Edelbrock air cleaner is through a knockout on the "clean" side of the air filter.

Will this cause issues?  What if dirt, varnish, or carbon granules/dust from the canister are sucked through the hose?  With no filtration from the air filter, anything that goes up that hose will go right into the carb and engine.  That can't be good. Also, would the suction through the hose be too strong if connected on the "clean" side, as opposed to the originally intended connection on the dirty side?

I have contemplated returning to a stock air cleaner but they are not cheap, and to be honest I don't even know if one would fit over the existing Holley carb.  I am hoping be able to get away with just the $20 hose.

Any help or advice would be greatly appreciated, as I have to fix this gas fume situation.

easy peasy You have a connection point, so the only concern is the "dirty fumes" being drawn back into the engine. Those dirty fumes are evaporated gas which will hurt nothing-in fact it is intended to get sucked into the engine and burned. But if you are still feeling the need to filter it cover the opening in the charcoal canister with a piece of screen before installing the hose. put a piece on both sides if it makes you feel better. Also, make sure your air cleaner has a seal on the bottom and the top. The other issue is that the carbon canister has . . . well carbon in it that should soak up the fumes. They can go bad, but you can clean them. 50 psi or less of air pressure run through them for 2 minutes will generally restore function. No more than 50 psi though or you can damage the carbon material.


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Thanks Jeff.

I think I will put a separate filter on the vapor to air cleaner line as you suggest.

Currently there is no seal between air cleaner assembly and carb, it is just a loose metal to metal fit.
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