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Valve covers and flame thrower
(02-24-2019, 09:15 AM)Hemikiller Wrote:
(02-21-2019, 05:37 AM)batwrangler Wrote:  I got heat just  too expensive to run

Just want to slow this train down for a second considering the quoted statement. 

Before you go drop @ $200 on ignition parts, do a thorough diagnosis of the engine to verify that it actually is the ignition that's causing your problem. "Rough running" can be caused by a wide variety of issues, from bad gas, junk in the carb to vacuum leaks, broken valve springs, burned valves, worn out engine or simply misadjusted or dirty points. 

A simple $15 vacuum gauge can verify the condition of the engine and aid in diagnosing your issues as well as help with tuning and adjustments. 

Take a few minutes to clean and adjust the points, ensure the choke is operating properly and that you don't have any vacuum leaks. If the gas in the tank smells bad, feed the fuel pump directly from a small can of fresh fuel. Personally, I'd disconnect all the vacuum lines from the trees on the intake, cap them and see how it runs - just make sure you label where they go. Spray around the intake and carb base gaskets with carburetor cleaner to see if the RPMs change - this would indicate a vacuum leak through a gasket.

If you don't have a factory repair manual set, at least invest in the Haynes 64-73 Mustang manual. I bought one at the same time as my first Mustang in 1988 and it got me through to making the car a reliable daily driver. 30 years and dozens of cars later, I still refer to it from time to time.


Just to let you know theirs a lot of good stuff here for me to use thanks again ...

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