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Valve cover tag
Changing the gaskets on my valve covers and painting them. I want to get a replacement tag. Who sell them and what does the tag tell you ??? Also how do you keep the photos from being posted sideways ???

John J

The tag tells you everything about the engine. Calibration, shift it was built on date, timing, etc. I do believe there is a thread on here that does tell what every detail is. I looked everywhere for the correct one for my 73 California vert but could never find the exact right one. NPD and pretty much all mustang vendors carry them. It is a plastic material. There is also another tag on the drivers side on 73 model cars specific to the engine, yellow in color.
When you paint them I suggest you strip all the old paint off with liquid stripper. They were not primed when new and anywhere they are scratched there will be rust under the paint.

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@jon j,
Png's or jpg's have the width and height in their respective headers. More or less a col/row values to loop over the rgb(a) values stored into the files. There is no information about orientation.
When the site php reads them it uses them to generate the embed. In html IMG natural size is then used to define the display size in ratio..

If I open your picture, its having the orientation defined into the pixels layout. So you have probably made the pict using your phone in vertical position. As phone generate rectangular lpicts, Some phones check the orientation before they encode the cam info into raw files and invert the values. Vertical would then have an height greater than width and vice versa. Some do not.
Because the devices must respect the artist, an upside down or 30 deg rotation is kept as is.

Short story, to correct, inspect your picts on your device before upload, resize, rotate or crop (not every picts deserves a 6k x 8k pixel info) 1024 to 2048 is more than enough for this forum.

73 modified Grandé 351C. Almost done. 
71 429CJ. In progress
I guess yours is a 73. You may want to check Jim Osborn Reproductions. He makes most of the stickers that NPD and the like sell.
Mine is a 71 and there is a very limited supply of these V/C stickers. In my case I bought one for the Boss 351 just as a sample and took it to a local graphics shop where they copied the size and style of the font and applied it to a high temp vinyl type material. That was 4-5 years ago and it still looks like new. The reason there is such a limited supply from Jim Osborn, is as they told me, a lack of original Ford decals to copy and get licensed. They will not make a non licensed product.
Here is a pic of mine, which is a very basic one. On the 71's, there was an aluminum tag under the coil with all the engine details, but not sure if the 73's had that or if the engine detail were just on that sticker. On mine it shows "L"(?)  and "6" (degrees) K613 J (351C manual trans)
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