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Value Comparison
 I am pondering selling my 1971 Convertible (slightly restomod 94' 5.0L EFI 5 Spd) located in Toronto Canada.
 In a little looking around on ebay and such at SOLD, and COMPLETED auctions it might appear that the cars do bring more $ in the US than here.
 The dollar difference is now about $1Cdn = $.77 USD.
 Where as in the local market this car I think I would be doing well to get $12k CDN, I am wondering of opinions if it were in the US market / location maybe a friend sell it for me in SC?
 The car is a VERY good driver, but not a concourse restoration by any means but most of the small details are better than most - door closing, paint application quality and condition (base clear), soft trim.
 This isn't a FOR SALE type post but more of a conversational value post, 1/2 consideration if I SHOULD sell it.
[Image: IMG_20180601_2036544.jpg]

[Image: IMG_20180601_2037079.jpg]

[Image: IMG_20180601_2037302.jpg]
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