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What do you guys think this is worth, it comes with everything minus the engine, or should I just scrap it? It's a 1973 mach 1, I attempted to restore, as you can see it did not go well. It needs new floor pans, seat pans, taillight panel, battery tray panel, and cowl. It has the center console (which I know is a nice thing to have), it has front disc brakes (I started redoing them a few years ago it has new rotors, bearings, brake lines, master cylinder), I have also replaced the coil perches, coils, and the shocks. I cleaned the tank, added a new fuel line, floating assembly, and electric fuel pump. Granted It was added about 5 years ago and sitting since then. It has what I believe was called the Boss gauge package? It was a fairly high optioned car with A/C which I still have the parts for. I also have a bunch of extra parts for it as you can see. I also have Cleveland parts like the 2bbl heads, air intake, fans, chrome and stock valve covers, stock intake... Whats my best option? Sell it as a package, scrap the body and sell the interior parts, or? Also what would be a fair price for everything? The glass is good, I also have a set of 4 original rally wheels, as well as mach 1 hub caps for the steel wheels, and an FMX tranny minus the bell housing.

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Hey, welcome from western Tennessee! That looks kind of rough, but it can be saved. You do have a bunch of good parts there, which is a great starting point. Value at this point? It depends on how much rust there is underneath. Can't see the trunk, wheelhouses, and cowl. I wouldn't get my hopes up regarding value. Maybe 1500 because you do have a bunch of decent parts, but there's a lot of work to be done, so......

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or, 30 to $50,000 if you put it on CL or E-bay! sorry, so much of that going on I couldn't pass it up. I agree with the 15ish figure as a whole, you might be able to spit and polish some of the pieces and make a bit more. I'd keep it together, from what I can see it looks savable.
800.00 based on the condition.

67 Diamond Blue Vert

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LOL even my sig line offended somebody!
Thanks guys, that's $1200 or so without the engine? I plan to keep the 351c since I eventually want to get one in better shape to work on and have a set of 4bbl cc heads to throw on it. This car was supposed to be an easy project but it turned into a nightmare. It needs a lot of sheet metal, the cowl, floors, rear fender wells, and a few other spots. Luckily the trunk is really nice, the roof, trunk lid, hood, and fenders aren't too bad, but it was still way beyond my experience. I'll just cut my losses and move on. I don't want to scrap it, it can be saved like you said, and i do have clean title, i'd like someone to take it and restore it, as I hate seeing classic Mustangs destroyed. I'll post it for $1200 on Cl and see what I can get. Thanks again. [/quote]
Welcome from Arkansas, and good luck on the sale. Keep us posted if you get a better one to work with
Can you provide the all but the last five numbers of the VIN?

73 Convertible - 351C/4V CC heads/4bolt/forged flat tops/comp 270/rhodes/mallory unilite/tri-power/hookers/glasspacks/c6/3.50 limited slip/Gear Vendors/Global West sub frames, strut rods and shelby style traction bars/ Rear sway bar/tilt steering (not original)

Pics of modifications included in:
will e;185400 Wrote:Can you provide the all but the last five numbers of the VIN?

yep, 3f05h2

If anyone knows anyone in the Philly area, I'd like to see the car go to someone who will appreciate it.
If you can get $1200-1500 >>>> sell sell sell! Smile
Othersise I'd say part it out or
keep all and find another (much nicer) one. Then use what parts off this car you need to make another one decent then part/scrap out the remainder.

Good luck.


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