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Vacuum Plumbing Question
I am replacing the mechancal advance distributor on my '71, 351C, 4V, 4sp, ram air with a dual advance stock unit and I am trying to figure out how to route the vacuum tubing. I have searched the forum and found the Glaziers site with the diagrams, but the ford diagrams were kind of generic:

I have this fitting in the intake behind the carb. Currently the middle port tube runs to the hood scoops, the right to the carb and the large of course to the brake booster:

[Image: IMG_4911.jpg]

Up front there is this fitting that is capped:
[Image: IMG_4909.jpg]

And there is a carb port also capped:
[Image: IMG_4912.jpg]

If memory serves me correctly the carb port would go to the retard side of the dual vacuum advance and the manifold port would be connectoed to the advance side. This car also came with a bi-metallic switch in the base of the air cleaner presumably to operate the snorkle actuator.

Can anyone confirm if this is correct?

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