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Vacuum hoses
I just joined this fine group of Mustang lovers, and this is my first post. There are 2 small diameter hoses coming thru the center of the firewall. 1 of the hoses is connected to the vacuum can, my question, where does the second hose go to. This is a 72 Grandé with the 351-2v and factory air. At present this hose is just hanging loose. Any ideas?  Thanks all, hope to spend more time on this site. Undecided
Attached the 71 vacuum diagram, 72 should be very similar. One hose to the vacuum canister, which is the supply hose TO the A/C system. The canister provides fairly constant vacuum so the A/C system doesn't constantly lose vacuum under acceleration. The other goes to the hot water shut off valve in the feed side of the heater core. A/C will not work well if this is MIA or inop.

[Image: 71_VACUUM.jpg]

[quote pid='319336' dateline='1524156423']
Thanks for the diagram Hemikiller. Now I have more questions: How do i tell the hose color? They all look black to me. On the diagram where the hoses come thru the firewall, the right hose goes to the A/C can, on my car the left hose goes to the can. Last but not least, what and where is the "heater water valve motor" located. Feel like a complete idiot asking these questions, but I've got to learn. Thanks again thumb

(04-19-2018, 12:10 PM)rudyck Wrote: [quote pid='319336' dateline='1524156423']
Well, I just did what I should have done before.  I cleaned the hoses and sure enough 1 was black and the other purple. The black was correctly connected to the A/C can, and I found and connected the purple to the Heater Water Valve. Now  I really feel like a boob. Thanks again Hemikiller, I appreciate the help. Smile

Big Grin

Glad you got it sorted!

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