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Using 72 wiring harness in 71 mach
I have a 71 mach 1 with auto no AC. I stripped a wiring harness from a 72 fastback with auto and AC. Since I'm putting the AC unit from the 72 into my 71 mach, will I run into any problems using the wiring harness? Differences in dash, steering column, pollution controls or anything else? The only thing I can think of would be the front grill lights. Any help is appreciated.

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The '72 will not have provisions for a map light connector (unless equipped) and will have an extra connector for the passenger "Fasten Seat Belt" warning lamp.

There may be a number of other differences of which I am not aware. Nevertheless, I am familiar with these two. My '71 (with A/C) has a '72 harness in it without any obvious modifications from stock, so it should be doable.


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Basic functionality is compatible, as most of the connectors are the same. There's some differences for seat latches, and headlight on circuitry.

There are two major differences, one is the firewall and the other is the upper passenger side floor pan. Your 71 is punched for a non A/C heater box. You will have to cut the indented area where the A/C combo heater box mounts plus the hole in the upper floor pan for the evaporate tube must be modified. Make sure you get all of the wiring harnesses. Make sure you get the climate control mechanism too!

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