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Update to 1972 351C Q won't start
Ok. Don, it says that thread is no longer available

I dowsed it with starter fluid and it started right up and ran for a few
Seconds, did it again with the same result, so it is in the fuel system 
Somewhere, correct?  Either gas tank, bad gas, junk in tank, fuel line clogged
Something like that?  It is going to have to wait for me to get to that
Thanks all for your input

Yes. Or filter clogged or fuel pump inoperative.

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If all you have done is hit with starting fluid, and not let it crank over a while, I would try that. I have to crank mine quite a while to get it going when it hasn't ran in a while, I'm pretty sure to refill the float bowls in the carb. If you have gas in your carb, and it does that then I'm not sure, but I tried starting fluid on my car and it died after a couple of seconds, but will then start after I have let it kick over for 15 seconds or so. If you already tried that, then one of the techs will have to guide you through a troubleshooting process. Good luck.

Be careful using starting fluid you can blow a gasket or crack a piston. That stuff is pretty much an explosive, lol. either.
I just went through all this fuel stuff with a car that has sat you might as well do everything. Take the tank off and check and clean if needed. My pick up tube filter had came apart had to get new one. Tank was spotless. While tank is off replace the vapor hose with alcohol resistant and check to see if the foam filter in the connection on top of the tank is bad. You can replace with the coarse SS scrubber pads. Also get you new O-rings for the vapor and the fuel pick up you will need. Change all rubber hose in fuel system to alcohol resistant. You can push the weed eater trimmer line through the steel fuel line, use the square kind, put variable speed drill on end and rotate slowly to knock loose rust from inside the fuel line and blow out. Put a container with white towels in to see when you have all the trash out. Flush with cleaner and blow out. If you have a vacuum brake bleeder you can check your fuel pump for bad diaphragm. During my recent fight with mine I got a new one that was bad out of the box so test new one also. Change the fuel filter and try again.
With the heat cycles you have put on the engine it has done all the break in it is going to. It is either right or cam will wear fast.
I did not rebuild my PS pump and it is leaking so that is next battle for me.

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Verify the pump lines are not reversed. Use a small funnel and fill the carb bowls through the vents. If it starts and runs for a fes seconds and then dies, either the pump is not pumping or it is pumping the bowls dry.

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As Jeff stated, fill the bowls with fuel. If the car starts and runs for 10-20 secs or so, then you have a fuel delivery problem to the carb. First step would be to verify the filter is not plugged. Remove the filter from the carb and blow air from the carb side into a bag or bucket, or rap the inlet tube down on a clean paper towel. If you get a bunch of trash or rust particles, you have junk in the lines from a rusty tank or other fuel system components, which needs to be addressed.

Next step is to verify the pump is working. Disconnect the fuel inlet line at the pump and use a length of fuel line and put it in a can of fresh gas. Stick the outlet line at the carb into a suitable container ( a plastic soda bottle works well) to catch any pumped fuel. Disconnect the two small wires on the solenoid (disables the ignition circuit), make sure the key is off and use a remote starter to turn the engine over. The pump should pick up fuel in less than 10secs of cranking. If it doesn't, your pump is probably shot.

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