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update- day 6 no power
Well , here begins 2nd day no electricity . Thank god for generators ,4X4"s ,wood stoves and Budweiser ! Anyone else get in on this ice storm crap ? Everything look's like a crystal palace around here , forget about getting around without 4 wheel drive . Sad Kind of an inconvenience , but pretty much set up to handle it . Fired up the Mach to run for a spell , it was tricky getting it back in the garage with all the ice, I can"t imagine actually trying to drive one of these in the winter.Tongue

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Too far South around DC - upper 60s to 70 with lots of rain. I feel for you, I just finished cleaning up from the ice storm here about a week ago. Lots of branches fell and the power was out for a day.

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Yes - We had the ice storm hit Oklahoma too. Some friends lost power for about half a day. Had tree limbs bent down and covering driveways. One guy had to cut a hole in all the tree limbs big enough just to get his Ford Escort out of the garage!

We get ice and the roads are crazy slick. It is funny because lots of folks "up North" see us sliding all over the place and think we can't drive in the winter. When actually no one can when it is snot-slick ice. I have pulled out of my driveway just to learn I should try and drive back in and not get out on the roads.


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i didn't have power for a month, after sandy last year. fun times in a FEMA tent.
Wow. I guess in Maine you have one of two conditions: ice/snow or mud. So why do you live there? Is it the moose?

Let me check your shorts!

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Had a 3 inch ice storm in 09 that crippled us here. I am lucky to be on the same grid as the hospital so I only lost power for 7 hours but most people were from 2 weeks, to 2 months getting power back
Wow that must suck. Living in Australia I have never experienced cold like that would like to see it one day for real. Now heat cyclones and no power I know a little about cant say its fun either

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I was living in Miami back in 1992 when Hurricane Andrew blew through. Miraculously, the home I was living in escaped any major structural damage. My neighbors ... not so lucky. We all were without power for over a month. All this in the middle of a hot South Florida summer. One positive came out of it though. It really brought the neighbourhood a little closer together. For that month it seemed like a perpetual group camping trip. Nightly cookouts on the grill. Discovering all the hidden talents of your neighbors. Sleeping outside on the lawn to take advantage of any ocean breezes that might find their way to us because inside it was so stifling hot. Believe it or not, those were some of the most fun times I've ever had. Of course I was a lot younger and much more tolerant of extreme conditions. Not sure I'd enjoy it as much at my present age Undecided
How is going today, Kermit? Hope your power is back on!
It's usually a hurricane that knocks ours out. Once in Watertown, NY ours was out for a week or so from a winter microburst ice storm...didn't know such a thing existed before that.

I hope power returns for you soon!

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