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Unknown changes between 71 to 73 models
I was thinking what would be a good little quiz item to post out there to get others feedback on.  So here we go this may bring out some good trivia.

What are the least known changes from when production started on the 71's to when it ended on the 73's?

72 Mach 1 H-Code (Concourse driven restoration)
67 S-Code Factory GT with 4-Spd

68 Mercury Cyclone (Pro-Street project)
SInce I questioned your "spoiler" post I figured I better play and "work for it" on this one ! LOL In no order other than front to back to help my head with this one AND NOT "changes within models" (as you could right a book about the differences in a Boss 351- wait someone did)

Grill (4 holes to 2 holes to 6 for Service parts)
Grill mounting (double support to single)
Headlights (Tonsol to GE)
Wire harness at front lights (from metal base to plastic)
Wire harness for dash (changes at heater wire as to allow for Non AC or AC with one harness/ later cars were a separate pigtail)
Radio (Mustang for 1971, changed to Philco)
Door Speaker grills (single rib for 71, tri rib for 72/73 UNLESS A SPRINT as they used 71's (white)
Center console lid (1971 is FLAT underside where as 72/73 is formed and gives 3/4 inch more depth)
Rear side panels (for the seat belt location change)
Rear seat belt "retractors" for 72/73 cars.
Rear seat supports at the sides (metal) open on 71's/ full panel on 72/73's
Rear deck lid "receiver" quarter (flat in 71, bump stop receivers for 72/73

P.S. And kind of a change IF A MAGNUM car..... center caps from Boss 429 style in Oct 70 to the shorter ones in March of 71 BACK to larger style (but not Boss 429 style) for July of 72/73 cars.
All I can think of are the obvious one in my mind.

Front Bumper change for 73
Front Fender changes for 73 Bumper
Grille Change for 73
72 Orange Engine data label on the passengers side Firewall/cowl
72 Seat Belt warning lamp on passenger dash
73 Rear Bumper fillers on rear 1/4
Mach 1 Stripes for 73
Rocker panel bright work change at front valence for 73
Factory Timing retard by 7 degrees for 73(maybe 72)
4-Speed Hurst shifter handle, boot and knob change.
Park light on lower left dash
Power Window swtiches and bezels for 73

Other than that, they are pretty much identical!!
Motor mounts 351c 73s are there own.
Throttle pedal. 73 only.

- Mike
Tail light trim color 71/72 black to 73 chrome
73 window handles
73 fender extensions front and back
73 bumper to body filler panel
73 bumper horns back
71 pop-up gas cap safety cap
71 gas tank filler neck fasteners style
73 tapered wip type antenna
73 front valance
73 valve covers
Throughout 71-73 several engine decal and air cleaner base and lid changes
73 riveted window guides
73 trunk spatter paint color
73 year only with factory 14x6 aluminum wheels
71 standard steering wheel


Never drive faster than your guardian angel can fly Angel
Seeing these replies .........then EVERY Autolite stamped , cast and TM's part than changed to Motorcraft in 1972 works! LOL

P.S. Next we will be getting into the way to know a 1971 Boss 351 D1ZX from a 1972 HO D1ZX !!
Early 71 front seat pivot covers - first had no screw just snapped in , then had a screw thru what looked like a plastic wall anchor molded on the back of the cover, then screwed to the metal frame.

Also early was the plastic fender to cowl / window fillers - there were two versions of these also. not used after 71 though

Hood moldings were different on the ends

Wiper knob was round - then hexagon

Honeycomb panel changed when the flip open gas cap was discontinued

Trunk lid changed as to how the clip was mounted to hold the lock in place

No though the valance exhaust tips for 73

71 had a plastic shield over the license plate light

early 71 had a different dome light set up

73 wiring to the sending unit was now part of the harness and could not be unplugged and replaced like 71-2

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Good information guys.  Hopefully this thread will be of use to others and we can keep the information flowing.  One that was brought up in the forum before
Comfortweave discontinued in late 73 models - Supplier plant burned down.

OMS, I am glad you mentioned this one:
Trunk lid changed as to how the clip was mounted to hold the lock in place
Not many people catch that one.  I have even asked some high caliber MCA judges about that one and they did not know.

71 - mid 72 production (no external clip for trunk lock cylinder. Installation was done through the access holes in the inner panel and employee complained of forearm cuts)


Mid 72 - 73 production (external clip installation with pad and rivets)  All reproduction deck lids are of this variety.


72 Mach 1 H-Code (Concourse driven restoration)
67 S-Code Factory GT with 4-Spd

68 Mercury Cyclone (Pro-Street project)
Mentioned before. The 73 rear bumper fillers and stone deflector, but the rear bumper mounting brackets were also longer in '73.

73 captive type motor mounts due to federal regulations

Late 73 the valve covers no longer had "Powered by Ford" on them. Also the switch from a metal engine tag to a paper label on the valve cover.

The charcoal canister changed... was bigger in 73.

My opologies for any repeats, because i missed them in earlier posts.

1973 H Code Convertible - Medium Copper Metallic - June 8, 1973, Built Ford Marketing Sales Vehicle
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This thread is an oxymoron.  If there were any unknown changes, the list should be empty.  These are all known changes.   Tongue

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