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Underside of hood paint color
I used a paint brush, varsol and scrub-pads to remove undercoating from the underside of my hood (thanks to those of you who responded with ideas in not2old's post about undercoat removal). I don't know how many repaints have happened to this area but while sanding it seems as though in some areas the original Med. Aqua and primer is the last coat, while in others the Aqua seems to be on top of either gloss or chassis black. I guess it could have been a replacement hood at some point but I always assumed the exterior color should be on the underside of the hood... To go relatively close to original, paint it black or same as exterior?
Thanks in advance.
Should be same color as original exterior. Mine had the Ziebart undercoat on it, but the body shop stripped it clean. They media blasted the top of the hood, but said you should not media blast both sides; I think he said it distorts the metal to blast both sides.

[Image: DSCF4337.jpg]

[Image: DSCF8204.jpg]

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upload a photo on internet

+ 1 on the exterior color.

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Ole Pony and Nance,
Thanks for the advice.
It should be the exterior colour too... Dont know if in 71-73 stangs, the option of hood insulator was available but the paint is definitely the car colour

Damián Cool

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