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Under the hood details
OK team, as reported in the "what did you do to your car today" thread I am trying to put everything together. Today's dilemma? Installing the 65030A12-AA Spacer assemblies.

These are the wedge shaped pieces that bolt to the cowl used in aiding the windshield install. When I took the car apart, I put these pieces in a ziplock bag with the fasteners and nuts re-installed on the bracket.( Smart, huh? That way you don't forget.)
Well, now that the bodywork is done and I am trying to install these again I found that the drivers side of the cowl has 1/4 inch holes while the passengers side has smaller holes by about an 1/8th inch. The passengers side had extensive reconstruction, so those holes could have been from a different generation of car. Mine is an 11/70 build, and I have no idea what the vintage of the donor cowl was.

So are there any of you with original early build 71s that have removed or messed with these brackets? Did yours use a Bolt, nut and washer, or a metal threading screw to retain the bracket? Looks like the 7/21/72 engineering drawing in the assembly manual called out a 380924-S100 screw.

The second dilemma is to figure out how in the heck I get the nuts back under the drivers side of the cowl. I can't reach that far into the wiper access ports to hit the backside of the bracket.
Use something like a coat hanger with a small loop bent on one end with a piece of double stick tape on it to hold the nut. I have used things like this where I can't get my hands and fingers into an area or install a "nut insert" and used a machine screw
These are coarse thread screws not bolts.

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Just as said above they are screws from the factory. Heavy ones like on a voltage regulator. If you must install the nuts I have welded a rod to one flat side to hold it there. In some cases I just left it there after tightening.
Thank you for the replies, but I am still unsure of the correct bolts. I noticed in the 71-72 Mustang body assembly manual that they show a screw like you describe, but the drawing N2Z-200 was revised on 12/9/70, 6/29/72 and 7/21/72. My car has an 11/70 build date.

During restoration I bought a donor cowl that was used to repair the passengers side cowl bottom and top. The drivers side was left in tact. The holes on the drivers side measure 1/4 inch and take the bolts that were in there when I took the car apart. The passengers side(where the donor metal was installed) has 3/16 inch holes which would take the screws you mention.

I did buy this car from the original owners when it was 12 years old. Everything on the car was very original, including the dog dish/beauty ring wheel covers and the complete Cleveland 2bbl air cleaner to pan. I cannot imagine them removing these brackets and replacing the screws with a nut, bolt and washer setup.

So, does anyone have a pre 11/70 build car that they can look at? Maybe a 70 car too, since there were a lot of "leftovers" used in early 71 cars.

All years have screws on the L & R ends, like Judge said.
3/8 head screw like on the VR
I have had several early cars - never any with bolts

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OMS;213552 Wrote:All years have screws on the L & R ends, like Judge said.
3/8 head screw like on the VR
I have had several early cars - never any with bolts

OK, thanks! Here are some picture for the curious.

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It's incorrect.

1973 Mach 1 Q code 351 4V, 9A paint, standard interior, 3.50 rear, C6 trans.
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