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Ummmm what are these
So fellas Mustang rookie here again. I received a large order of parts to NZ so was going through my big pile of parts new and old that came with the car. I found these newish extrusions but can't seem to find anywhere on the car they would seem to fit. Any help appreciated. The old owner had 20 cars so could be from another car
[Image: IMG_20180730_114729.jpg]

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Looks like maybe and under floor reinforcement maybe. Cannot identify for sure. Will look today while in garage. Maybe what the gas tank hangs from under the trunk floor? Place for the carriage bolt on one end and the tee shape on the strap on the other?
Just a guess for sure.

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Looks like they are a fuel tank mounting piece, but they are nothing that belongs on a 71-73 Mustang.

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What year is your car. Nothing 71-72 related

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(07-31-2018, 07:19 PM)bkdunha Wrote: What year is your car.  Nothing 71-72 related

Hi it's a 73 convertible. All the under car and seat panels are in place that's why I was a bit confused. I did see on YouTube there was some crowd who produced an extra sub frame to connect between the front and rear frame rails to strengthen convertibles but these don't quite match those. Cheers
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