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trying to identify driveline vibration at higher speeds...
(08-12-2019, 04:43 PM)73pony Wrote:
NOT A T5 Wrote:
MustangNJ Wrote:so I was really paying attention to the vibration in the car, and I'm a bit stuck....

when I approach 59-60mph on the throttle, my rear louvers start vibrating like crazy.  if I ease off the throttle it stops.  to get the louvres to vibrate seems to require a combination of speed 59mph+ and being on the gas pedal....

recently I've replaced the suspension( springs, and shocks) control arms etc.  I have also had a computerized alignment and wheel balance completed.  The car tracks dead straight at highway speed.  the vibration is only minimally being transferred through the steering wheel, so it seems its in the back end somewhere.

at first I thought it was the wind causing just the louvers to vibrate, but now I'm pretty sure its something in the driveline, like the driveshaft being out of balance, but not sure how to explain the vibration going away at speed, but off the throttle.

any ideas?  thanks
Sorry, no idea but if I were to guess...U-Joints!
About your alignment...can you please post the print-out or at least the specs where they set it to? Thanks!
Here is a good thread on alignments. Post 16 has what mine ended up being set at and I am very happy.

Thanks Jason, I've read all I could find on here.

71-73 Mustangs never die, they just go faster!
I did a resto-mod on my '90 Bronco last year. it also had a vibration above 60mph, in that case it was caused by a driveshaft out of balance and a completely worn out rear diff, but the real clue there was the whine that would develop at highway speed.
You could try reassembling the u-joint at a 90 degree offset and retry. But if you are there may as well replace it.

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drove the car today with replacement u-joints and a rebuilt diff. man this car is dead smooth. its amazing really. I have no driveline vibration at all now. zero. took it up to 70mph today. I was impressed. my louvres are still rattling like little bastards over 60mph, but at least I now know its not because of a rear end vibration. its the louvres themselves. not sure what I will do about it. no I am not going to remove them.
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