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Trying to correct a disaster!
Hello, and thank you for letting me join. I just took in a 71 Mustang fastback that was an aborted restoration/resto mod. My mission, should the customer choose to pay, is to correct the horrible work that has been done thus far. I went to the Internet seeking a forum like this because if I get into this I’m going to need a lot of parts and help, and possibly a rolling parts car.

That’s my story. I will go into further detail on the car if someone can guide me to the best place to do so :-) meanwhile I will try the general discussion.

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Welcome from Western Australia
You've come to the right place and don't forget to post some photos with more details on your car
Welcome to the group, and best of luck with getting this sorted out.   I have a 71 coupe which is just a collection of parts, put together to make a car.  Some good, mostly bad, but looking forward to getting it done.

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welcome from Luxembourg, Europe!

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Welcome from Ohio

Your mission ... should you decide to accept it.

Can be completed with all the parts available here in Ohio

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Ohio Mustang Supply

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I’ll just say.....Ahhh...Wow?!
I have a good friend that restores Mustangs and and I have seen some really rough hunks of metal that resembled something that used to be called a Mustang! Some of ‘em just needed to be put back out in the field so the trees could finish growing through them.
He told me the worst one’s were when you were going behind someone else’s work.
Good luck and hope the owner decides to save the car.
Also need to keep Don @ Ohio Mustang Supply on quick dial. He knows these cars as well as anyone. He can help you accomplish your mission if you decide to accept!!

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Welcome to the forum, and please post pics as you go.

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Welcome from northern California.


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Welcome from PA !

Just keep plugging away , one item at a time, and you'll get it done !
welcome2   from Belgium.

Remember, the prices only go up for the Mustangs ... much more than the interest of a bank account (after restoration Tongue enjoy Tongue and if it is necessary to sell after years...)
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