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Total Control sub frame connectors on a conv.
Has anyone installed Total Control sub frame connectors on their convertible.  I have a set but am a little concerned about ground clearance now. Car is lowered with lower front coils and has 225/15 tires on front, 245/15 rears. Sits pretty level now but fairly low. TC says connectors hang down another 1.5 inches. Car really needs them but I live in an area with lots of speed humps and don't want to get "high centered" or deal with constant scraping.
Edit - My Bad - Not Total Control but Global West. I've had them over a year now and am getting forgetful.
I have not installed them. I am building a 72 Q code vert right now and I am going to install roll bar which I think will do more to stiffen than the almost straight sub frame connectors. I will probably do a 6 point and also add some HSS sheet metal to the inside of the rocker boxes.
On the Fox body cars Ford added another piece to the inside of the rockers when you got Tee tops to stiffen the body. Were also used on verts and also the SVO to stiffen the body.
You might not know about HSLA steel, High Strength Low Alloy or HSS High Strength Steel or even the UHSS Ultra High Strength Steel. I would not consider Dual Phase Steel since all the forming has to be done in one hit or it breaks. They are used a lot in frame members from cars, trucks and lawn equipment along with farm machinery. You can get from twice to four times the strength from them as regular cold rolled or hot rolled sheet metal using the same thickness. It welds great and does not suffer the hardening that say a 4140 steel would when being welded due to high carbon content.
The reason I want the roll bar is so I can do track events that require roll bar and shoulder harness in a vert to go over 85-90 mph on track. If you have bar and harness there are no limits. Even driving on street a roll bar in a vert is a good idea.
The reinforcement will be under carpet and run up the inside of the rocker boxes. Will have an L shape to also give some lateral support. Will get a local NASCAR fab shop to bend the bars to fit the vert. Will be put is so if it goes to new owner they can remove if not wanted.
I feel you will be lots more support from the triangulation of the roll bar over the less structured frame connector.

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I have them on my 73 vert. I have not scrapped them on anything. My rear is raised an inch or so from stock, though. For me, it's not an issue.

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I have them. I have no issue with ground clearance in regular driving. The only time I had an issue was when putting it on a trailer.

You can see them from the side of the car which doesn't bother me but might be an issue for some.

73 conv. 460, D0VE large valve heads, Performer RPM manifold, Voodoo 227/233 cam, Holley 950 HP carb, C6 trans, 3.25 trak-loc.
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