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torque specification upper arm bushing?
nukem44;104389 Wrote:I finally found a site for 62-65 fairlanes that indicated the torque between 150-170 lbs. So I tightened them as tight as I could. It seemed really tight until I lifted the control arm up and down a few times to loosen them up. http://www.fordsmallblock.com/PDF/Upper-...shings.pdf

my mistake It indicated 160-190lbs, this is the only article I could find on the subject

Intresting article, almost a sientific research... thank you for contribution. I ll test it and share my experiences with you.

As I mentioned above, I will share my experiences concerning upper control arm installation. I purchased last year so called NOS upper control arms on ebay. As soon as I got them I started to have doubts about their originality.

They are a bit wider than my old control arms. I noticed that when I tried to install the 8 1/16 inches long spacer, described in the car shop manual – first setback.

Second setback, the threads on the bushing to control arm looked already worn out or were cut in that bad way. Anyway I installed the shaft centered on the arm and attached the left and right bushing. If I would have tightened them more than hand tight I would have ruined the threads.
To secure the bushings, I made a small spot weld on each bushing. The spot welding didn’t heat up the bushing much, so no worries about the O ring. With the procedure described above a achieved an exactly centered shaft and perfect clearance between shaft and bushings.
I definitely will keep the old upper control arms. A good lathe operator should be capable to refit them.

My conclusion - it depends very much on the hardness of the metal the control arms (aftermarket parts) are made of and the condition of the threads. Further the right clearance in the bushing to the shaft plays an important role, finding the right torque specification. In some, like my case there were not much options left, than securing the bushings with a spot weld or screw locker.

Thanks for all contributions to this subject.

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Look really good.

73 mach1
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