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Toploader question

I'm a newbee here and happy to join the 7173 Mustang owner's community.
I bought a few month ago a 73 Mustang Grandé and start to do some repairing and maintenance on it.

I have a question about a sensor I broke while removing the gearbox, located on the top left side of it.
Is it absolutly necessary to have this Transmission-Regulated Spark (TRS system) connected? Cause I can't find any spare parts to replace it. I think this sensor is related to the emission control system.
In advance thanks for your help,
Never heard of a [TRS system)

Now I have heard of it, haven't had a car with yet.
LCB1;96915 Wrote:http://www.fordification.com/library/mai...temId=6314

I saw this movie this afternoonSmile
Well I'll be. Never heard of such.
[Image: 2rr7aiv.png]

Just cruising along minding our own business when BAM!!! The LAWS show up.
On the Chilton book, there is a chapter about "emission controls". 12 different systems were installing in our cars.
CVS: Crankcase Ventilastion System (67, 68)
TAC: Thermactor Air System (1966)
IMCO: Improved Combustion Emission Control (1968)
DC: Deceleration Valve (1969)
DMS: Distribution Modulator System (1970)
SDV: Spark Delay Valve (71 to 73)
ERC: Exaust Gas Recirculation (73)
ESC: Electronic Spark Control (72, for States and Canada)
TRS: Transmission-Regulated Spark (system I have)
TAV: Temperature Activated Vacuum (73, 6 cylinders)
DVS: Delay Vacuum By-Pass (73)
EEC: Evaporative Emission Controls (69, California)

I didn't heard about since I broke the sensor on my gearbox. It's always nice to discover new subjects on our cars.
But unfortunatly, looks like not easy to find a new parts Sad
Somewhere on this forum a member asked what the little disk was
connected to the frame by the passenger door. There you have it.

[Image: 1_11_11_13_11_50_27.png]
Ok thanks I try to find out...
Here is a picture of a Toploader. I have the same switch. Does anyone know for what it is?

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manu64;97192 Wrote:Here is a picture of a Toploader. I have the same switch. Does anyone know for what it is?

This is from Volume 6 of the 1973 Ford shop manuals. Chuck
Sorry about the inverted image. I'm better with cars than I am with laptops and scanners.

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